Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 27: O Cebreiro - Calvor (36.9 kms)

We leave O Cebreiro at 7 am. It is still dark and we start walking together with Obdulio.  The trail starts at the side of the albergue and passes through a mountain trail. The sun rises over the mountains as we walk. I thank the Lord for what looks like another beautiful day.  Obdulio goes ahead, a little impatient, I guess, with all our photo stops.

The trail goes downhill by the side of the mountain road then uphill again passing through the towns of Hospital de la Condessa where we have breakfast at 8 am, then Alto de Poyo. 

After that it is downhill all the way to Triacastela which we reach at about 2 pm. Most pilgrims stop here after O Cebreiro.  We stop for lunch at Complexo Xacobea.

From here, the Camino forks into two possible routes.  One goes through Samos and the other through San Xil.  The Samos way is 10 kms longer but passes through a famous and beautiful monastery.  We pass on the San Xil way to catch up on our itinerary.  This way passes through roads and gravel trails. 

We encounter 2 muddied mountain-bikers, los gemelos Jordy and Javier from Barcelona  who started from Irun near San Sebastian 7 days ago and plan to finish in Santiago in another 3 days.  They are unmistakeably twins with identical faces, grins, manner and biking outfit. We push on to a cafe 2 kms before Calvor -- this is the last place you can get a meal before the albergue in Calvor. We have dinner here at 6 pm, then continue on to the Xunta albergue in Calvor.  There are only 6 other people there so it is nice and quiet.

Dawn breaks on the trail from O Cebreiro

Sunrise soon

Sunrise from Alto do San Roque, Altitude: 1,270 m

Los Gemelos: the mountain-biking twins Jordy and Javier from Barcelona





Calvor Municipal Albergue


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