Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 17: Boadilla del Camino - Carrion de los Condes (25 kms)

How can this day be so different from yesterday? Today we start out at 9:30 am with the temperature at -1 degrees.  The overcast sky is a uniform slate grey.

We pass beside a canal and arrive at Fromista in an hour and a half. I buy some churros at a sidewalk wagon, 6 pieces for 2 euros. The vendor adds in an extra one -- una regalo, he says.  My sister and I enjoy the churros together with a cafe con leche, although churros dipped in a cup of chocalate is more appropriate, of course.  We take a look inside the Iglesia San Martin in Fromista.

Afterwards, the way continues on a long straight expanse of gravel-packed road right beside the highway.  It starts raining at 2 pm and the road continues straight on, and the sky remains an overcast slate grey. Finally, after 20 kilometers of road, I see Carrion de las Condes in the distance. Another 30 minutes, under a drizzly sky and we are there. It is 5 pm. 

The Albergue Santa Maria in Carrion de las Condes is manned by Padre Koldo and Sister Maria. We attend mass at the Iglesia Santa Maria at 7 pm where Padre Koldo is the celebrating priest. We run into him later after a pilgrim dinner at a local cafe and right in time before the albergue curfew at 9:30 pm, and ask him about the gospel reading, which, since it was in Spanish, we did not understand. He says that it is the story of doubting Thomas, who, when told by the apostles that Christ was resurrected, said that he would only believe this if he himself could touch the wounds in Christ's palm and sides. The Lord appears to him and lets him touch His wounds and Thomas falls to his knees and says "My Lord and my God."  One needs not see to believe. 

In the space of 16 days on the Camino, we have gone through the four seasons. One day it is a sunny blue sky summer, the next a rainy pouring grey day autumn, then a wintry driving snow comes followed by a chirpy blossomy spring. On the Camino, you take each day as it comes, however it comes.

The Camino passes beside a canal

Canal de Castilla, Fromista

Iglesia de San Martin, Fromista
Sculpture on the Autovia A-67 (Fromista-Marcilla)
Statue at the approach to Carrion de los Condes
Iglesia Santa María del Camino, Carrion de los Condes 

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