Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 13: Tosantos - Atapuerca ( 27.5 kms)

We have a communal breakfast at 7:30 am and say our farewells.  We leave at 8:30 am with the goal of possibly making it to Burgos (40 kms) or Atapuerca.

We make a stop first at Villamayor de Montes Oca at 10:30 am for some coffee and breakfast. There is wifi here so we take the opportunity to check in our location for family, check email and call. My husband calls to say hello. We stay until 11:30 am as my sister needs to answer some important email.

Finally, we start our walk again at 11:45 am and get to San Juan de Ortega at 2:30 pm. Along the way, I find a single black glove and ask everyone I meet along the way if it is theirs.  At San Juan de Ortega, I am ready to leave the glove at the albergue there, then I ask one other person I see, and guess what, it belongs to his wife.

We continue on to Atapuerca and arrive at 4:30 pm. We check in at the Albergue El Peregrino. Nice and clean. As we sit in the kitchen table, we chat with some pilgrims, and Josef, a policeman from Germany offers us a meal of pasta and salad which we gladly accept.  We are so hungry we actually wolf down the meal.

Later at 8 pm  we go to El Palomar restaurant for a pilgrim meal. The restaurant owner says that tomorrow there will be rain and that it will then snow in the afternoon. I hope not.


Muddy track

San Juan de Ortega
Pine forests along the Way
Ages, 518 kms to Santiago
Quaint-looking house in Ages
Stone mandala before Atapuerca


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