Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 16: Hornillos del Camino- Boadillo del Camino (39 kms)

It's my birthday today!  I arrive at our destination after a 39 kilometer walk and I thank the Lord for the gift of a clear, sunny day on the Camino and reflect on how great it is to be here -- out under the clear blue sky, sharp cold fresh air blowing on my face, hard-packed earth under my boots, the sound of birds chirping, expansive fields of different shades of green, walking the way.  As I walk,  I think of all the many things I am thankful for-- my wonderful and supportive husband whom I love very much and who is the first to greet me on this day,  my fabulous family who is always there for me, my dear friends. I am thankful for my health and the chance to be here on the Camino today, here, now.

We leave at 8 am in the morning and arrive at Hontanas 10 kms away at 10:30 am. Here we have breakfast at a cafe with wifi where I am able to check in and publish 4 days of blog posts.  We start walking again at 12 noon and arrive in Castrojeriz at 1 pm, stopping for a fast lunch.

We are at  Itero de la Vega at 4:30 pm where I meet some Camino friends.  They sing me a birthday song as they sit and sun themselves outside their albergue.  We press on to walk the final 8 kms to our planned stop, Boadilla del Camino, and arrive at 7 pm.

We check in at a nice albergue, the Albergue En El Camino.  Kind and helpful hospitaleros Eduardo and Pedro,  warm and welcoming place, nourishing minestrone and beef stew dinner.  Even after our hard 39 km walk, 'twas a great birthday day. :-)

Doesn't this look like the Windows startscreen?

View from the top of the hill

Panoramic view

In Hontanas, 457 kms to go!


Hontanas town center

Convento de San Anton
This way to Castrojeriz

The Belgian pilgrims, Christine and Marie Francois in Castrojeriz stop

Beautiful, soothing garden at the Albergue En El Camino, Boadilla del Camino


  1. Belated happy birthday! We miss you!

    1. Thank you, Cee, for your birthday greeting! This was one birthday I will not forget. Miss you all too!