Sunday, May 18, 2014

Check out the latest version of the Camino Pilgrim Android app -- now Ver 1.3.1!

Update: June 26, 2014  Version 1.4.0 is now available!

Really cool new feature!!! Share your location-- email, sms, share your exact coordinates (and address if location services are available) to your family and friends with Camino Pilgrim App.  Information links for useful tips such as budget, packing list for the Camino.  An option to donate to help me in my work. :-)

Update: June 1, 2014  Version 1.3.1 is now available!

This new update contains improved layouts and more stable offline map handling. Please check it out at Camino Pilgrim at the Google Play Store.

Below is an example of the Offline Maps using Mapsforge - Offline Maps.  With this option, you can browse a map of the Camino on your smartphone even without an internet connection/wifi!   The red line on the map is a simplified version of the Camino Trail to serve as a guide. When in doubt, remember to just follow the yellow arrows! The markers show the localities/towns along the way. If you click on the round/bullseye icon, your location will be displayed with a hiker icon, so you know where you are. (Screenshot from a 7" tablet)

Here is an example of the Offline Map for a chosen Lodging in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. (Screenshot from a 7" tablet)

To set the Offline maps option, go to Settings and Download offline map.  Below is a screenshot of the Settings screen.  Set Map Type to Mapsforge - Offline then choose Download Offline Maps. (Screenshot from a Phone)


I've just uploaded a new version of the Camino Pilgrim Android app -- Version 1.30 -- to the Google Playstore . This one has German translations and a hiker icon to display your location in offline maps -- a bigger icon, as suggested by Misha, who sent feedback to me via the Camino Pilgrim App.  Previously, I increased the font sizes on the offline maps, providing more readable output. I believe having offline maps is pretty useful on the Camino. Honestly though, nothing beats following the yellow arrows!

One feature that I hope people use in the app is the option to create your own itinerary or schedule based on some basic itineraries that are provided. Please make sure to use this feature -- check out the Camino Pilgrim tutorial at the Camino Pilgrim App Blog site -- see Camino Pilgrim App Tutorial.

I have had a few people write me to thank me for developing the app and providing it for free. Thank you very much for your emails and feedback! It makes me very happy to hear from you, and imagining people using my app as they walk on the Camino everyday, as David from Australia wrote, really makes my day!

I have also received updates on albergue information (changed prices) and new albergues. I am compiling them and will update these on the next version -- please keep those updates coming. 

So to all those walking on the Camino de Santiago -- I am sure today must be a beautiful sunny spiritual soul-filling heart-opening day!

Buen Camino!!!

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