Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 7: Los Arcos- Viana (17.9 kms)

I start late again from Los Arcos at 8:20 am after a very nice breakfast at the pilgrim hostel.  The skies are grey and cloudy but it does not rain.

It is a slight uphill walk to Sansol then to Torres del Rio.  I stop there together with some pilgrims for a cafe con leche, a banana and freshly squeezed orange juice at 11 am after which I am raring to go on.

I walk down the earth-packed trail at noon as blue skies start to peek out, and I feel great!  I think to myself, the Way is difficult but there are just so many good vibes around that it does not feel so tough. Everyone is exactly where they want to be.  I am where I want to be.

As the blue skies take over and the sun begins to shine along the gradual downhill winding gravel path to Viana, I find myself belting out the song "Corner of the sky" that I used to sing with my college friends. Then as now, we search for our corner of the sky. "Rivers belong where they can ramble, eagles belong where they can fly. I got to be where my spirits can run free, gotta find my corner of the sky..."

On the trail, I meet Andrea, the German girl I had met 3 days earlier in Zubiri. She is wearing her Crocs as her boots hurt. My feet are also hurting in my boots and she urges me to change to my Teva sandals. It works and I almost skip along to Viana.  I walk along with Andrea and we arrive there at 3 pm.

It is Holy Thursday and a group plans to go to mass at 7 pm then have a pilgrim dinner after.

Looking back at Los Arcos


Skies and earth

Bikers on the Way

Blue skies this time
Cairns left by pilgrims

Torres del Rio coffee stop

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Torres del Rio

Wow - what a sky!

Anyone need boots?

Arriving at the Albergueria Andres Munoz in Viana

Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Asuncion de Viana

Viana Church Ruins

Dinner with other pilgrims at Viana

Inside the Viana Iglesia

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