Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 2: Roncesvalles - Zubiri (21.8 kms)

Today I want to take it a bit easy so I join an easygoing Australian couple, Paul and Sharon, and their friend Mel. After breakfast at 7:30 am, we start walking.  We stop at a bakery along the way to buy some lunch to eat on the trail -- I get some chorizos, a baguette, some cheese, and a Roncesvalles 70% cacao chocolate bar.

The start of the trek at Roncesvalles goes through forests still covered with snow.  From there, the way goes through pine forests.  We reach a nice overlook with a view of the Navarra region. We stay here for lunch, enjoying the sun, contentedly munching on our little picnic lunch.  From here, we continue on down muddy trails through thick forests, then later come out into a cement road.  We follow the road and arrive at a little coffeeshop with a water fountain in front. We rest our feet, and I get a banana to snack on.

We continue on a gravel trail, with grassy meadows stretching out on both sides.  My feet are hurting as we arrive in Zubiri around 2:30 pm.  It looks like I have not completely broken in my boots for the hike.  I decide to stay here.  We say our goodbyes and the others continue on to near Pamplona as Mel wants to go to a special mass there.

I check in at a private pilgrim house, the El Palo de Avellana.  It is very nice but a bit expensive at 15 euros.  I am the first one in at the 10-bed dorm room.  I shower, stretch out and relax,  do a bit of laundry, then tend to my hurting feet and legs with a balm.  They have wifi and i am able to check in and blog a bit.

The rest of the day, I chill out, have dinner at Gao Txoxi, one of the 2 restaurants there, where I chat with one of the pilgrims, Enrique, a Mexican who had walked from France for 14 days already.  I get a taste of my first paella in Spain. I even have a nice espresso.  Nice day!

Right outside the Roncesvalles albergue


With Sharon and Mel, starting out from Roncesvalles


Trail signs in the snow


Church in Burguete/Aurritz

Navarra overlook

18 more kms to Zubiri

Fuente Camino de Santiago, drinking water refill station


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