Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training for the Camino

I have done long hikes before, but I haven't done a 31 day hike with daily average distances of from 20 to 30 kms so I want to be ready.  I read that the Camino would be mostly on asphalt roads and that also makes a difference, as I am more used to walks on packed earth, much softer on the feet and knees.
I have been walking around town with the boots, backpack, socks and clothes that I plan to wear just to get used to it and make sure there are no pressure points. Well, maybe I have a few more layers on, as it is now about 2 degrees here.

Luckily, there is a forest trail going through a few hills about a kilometer from where I live. Plus the weather is a little bit colder than what I should expect (snow on the ground). I layered with a short sleeved tech shirt, a long sleeved wool icebreaker, a windbreaker and a goretex jacket and wore my fleece cap and light gloves.  I think it was just right, maybe a layer too much as I sweated a little. Otherwise, it was a comfy leisurely hike of 12 kilometers with some stops, for which I took about 3 hours.  That means an average of about 4 kms/hr or for a 30 hour walking day - a 7.5 hour hike!  Hmmm, as long as I don't get blisters or knee pain or foot pain -- that should be doable. I have to remember though to always stretch right after a hike, and make small stops to rest my feet, and hydrate. Also, take some homeopathic  arnica montana for sore muscles- something I picked up from a super-strong ultra marathoner.

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