Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free Android Apps for the Camino Frances

Update: January 16, 2014 !!!  New Android app!!!

I just finished my Android app!
It is called Camino Pilgrim (you can search for it in Google Play Store) and it is free.

The home website is here: Camino Pilgrim App
and the Google Play Store link is here:

The Camino Pilgrim app helps you in planning your Camino.  You can create your own itinerary and schedule (with dates of your trip) with stops and distances.  It also guides you by showing you the towns along the way, the facilities available, their location on a map that you can overlay with a simplified route of the Camino. The lodgings, marked either as M (Refuge Municipal), R (Albergue Parroquial or Religious Albergue), and P (Private Hostel) for each town are also shown, with costs of a pilgrim bed and  facilities indicated, such as kitchen, washing/drying facilities, wifi, etc, and their location on a map (again, you may overlay the Camino route). When accessing the map, you can also check your own location by clicking on the Show my Location icon. It is the app I wished I had while on the Camino. :-)

Here are some screenshots:

Main Page, Sample 35 day itinerary with Itinerary stages:

Camino Localities Map with Camino Route Overlay:

For more screenshots and details , please see the home website above.

Here is a link to a blog post about the app:
My Camino Pilgrim Android App

Please download, send feedback (there is a link in the app) and give a rating (a good one, I hope! :-) )


Here are some Android apps that I found for the Camino Frances that look quite interesting.
  1. Camino de Santiago Forum - a mobile version of a really useful forum for planning your Camino.  Lots of input from people who have gone on the Camino. You can ask questions in this forum. Easier to use the web version.
  2. Camino 2.0 - the official Spanish government app that shows a map of the Camino Frances with distances and other information. Quite slow to load though. In Spanish.
  3. Mi Camino - information on the Camino, such as roads, phones of tourist offices, links, emergency numbers. It looks like you can add pictures and tag them, but I haven't tried those options yet.
  4.  Santiago - comprehensive maps and information (churches, hostels, hotels, museums) on Santiago de Compostela. In Spanish.
If you want to have an idea  where you are on a map, here are some other GPS apps that you can load on to your phone for offline map information.   This means that you can use these maps as long as your smartphone has a GPS, even if you are not connected to the web. These apps use Open Street Maps information.
  1. Navfree -  very nice GPS application.
  2. Osmand - another nice GPS application.  For the Camino Frances, you will need to download the following offline maps: France aquitaine europe and Spain europe.

Camino de Santiago Forum App

Camino 2.0 App

Mi Camino App

Santiago App

Navfree App

Osmand App

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