Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Boots Story

I previously blogged that I was already testing a pair of Jack Wolfskin boots, which when I first tried them felt nice with lots of toe room and ankle support. Between then and now I also tried out a pair of Merrell light hikers which had more heel cushioning and also lots of toe room. I was walking around in the trails and when I got home my knees would start hurting a bit and my heels were also not so happy. I also started feeling something in my plantar fascia - a pain under my right foot which stopped me completely from running for one year.
I knew I needed new boots.

I found them in my new Lowa Renegade Gtx boots. I wore them today, and wow did they feel nice after all the little pains I felt with my other boots. First, I thought that they were a bit tight in the toe area but later, I appreciated the support that gave. You could also feel the difference in the arch and ankle support and the glove-like fit.  They cost a bit more, but I thought, better than not enjoying my hike and maybe even getting those foot problems I had before.  Actually, my husband already advised me earlier on to get Lowas as he was very happy with the one he had before.  That could have saved me a lot of time and cost, too.  Anyway, never too late. Now i am more convinced after this morning's hike and no foot pains. Yay!

Boot story over -- finally.

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